Ebola and the Botanist

by I, Apparatus

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released November 11, 2011

Cody Hamm - Bass, Vocals
Dennis Mikula - Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Finnicum - Guitar, Vocals
BJ Moore - Drums

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome! Recording Studio in Bay City, Michigan, in May, 2011.



all rights reserved


I, Apparatus Minot, North Dakota

Chaotic, melodic hardcore. 2008-2011

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Track Name: Avarice
I’m not afraid of dying, but I’m afraid of death.
and all the things you’re telling me are running through my head .
You say you love their Christ but you don’t love their Christians.
but what the fuck am I supposed to do? I can’t live up to their expectations.
Track Name: Ebola
In your
In your dreams
Oh! Unattainable muse!
Depths have been reached
Not only
Imagined it’s an unattainable innocence
Track Name: Botany
On the surface
There is nothing wrong with success
But I have found
It only makes a mess of man.
It makes them greenback loving whores
The greatest thing that I deplore
You are mankind’s one last sickness
The greatest plague that I know
Bring back, the iron coin,
End this corporate greed,
You are your own ethanol.
This tree needs a tyrant, this tree needs a tyrant to go.
And If we truly reap what we sow
Then mankind can never really grow.
Take these words, to your grave,
Humanity is what I live for.
Track Name: Learner
It’s like a bad trip downward
And spiraled up, gliding on melting wings
It doesn’t last but a lifetime of misery and
misanthropy struggling on.
Lust, triumphant, unholy, malevolence in its purest form.
Lonely, staring at a blank floor
As white as your lie, if you can’t hide it
Mighty is the knowledge of silence
Creating your own reality
Truth in time is nothing more than a loathsome thought.
Creating your own sense of being
Truth in time is nothing more
And soon it will be sought.
Spectrums, Paralyzing! Nonsense!
Don’t be hysterical!
My minds palette, stripped
Away like the very life
I once proclaimed.
Track Name: Alexey Shipinov
I fell in love with the road but I did not know,
That I could feel so strong about another.
Even as I speed past snaking asphalt,
You are at home waiting for my early morning call.
And I'm a beggar, and I'm a thief, but you,
You still love me.
You are haunted by a ghost you call a man.
An apparition, a bastard love dealt by this fates hand.
Through all of this, You still smile.
You will always Wait up for me.
Here's when things, they get hard.
When I'm gone I find that your every word
seems to take my breath away, my lover my muse.
I know its contrived but when we lock eyes it seems that your beauty grows with
each and every passing day. 
My doppelganger, in female form, how I adore you.
Your golden hair and deep warm eyes, I swear I could swim in your smile.
And Yes I know its cliché, but you’re so faithful. So loving, so real.
You still let me in.
Those old men were right when they said, "Her Love Is A Vampire."
You will always suck me in, love.
Track Name: Meeces
No rules for this city
This fallacy you call democracy
Is nothing but a joke.
To you anarchist means antichrist
And no rules means death
But if you can’t trust humanity
Then who the fuck is left?
Are we more safe with a rule by the few
Those people in towers know.
The rubble, the brick, it all fell so quick
But sure they could have never known.
We’re vagrants for feeling this way
Just misunderstood and unloved
Anarchy is a way of life
Not a fucking disease.
Taking and making lives of our own
No social structure to abide.
I take what I need please just leave me be
I want to be left alone.
But that’s the irony of anarchy
Is that it can never be.
Track Name: Mices
Ellis Island, 1894: I left the homeland for an all aboard.
This American dream is all that I sought,
the things on my back are all that I got.
Fields of golden grain flow gently across the plains
I’ve got this under control
But I feel weary, a growing head cold.
Frost, rain, snow, blizzard.
This maelstrom of ice and wind
Piercing my dreams and skin
Someone talk to me, talk to me
Isolation, its taking its hold.
When I came to this country, everything seemed so right
My family, my love, they wait for me.
but this harvest is too much to bear,
the fruits of my labor are testing me,
They’ve got nowhere to grow.
So I climb, and I build, and it’s not all just for show.
this mountain of grain shall be stored
Maybe this time I will get a break.
This is how we scrape the sky. Forsake the sun.
(Broken down in the city, growing apart
But I’ve found I’m writing in the book
Growing apart in the city, apart from her
I’m writing in the book
The disease grows, this cancer is spreading
Pushing into her lungs, Is anger my excuse today??
"God died when I was young. She never said a word. She could not speak a word."
Track Name: Aluminati
Believe in what you’re told.
It's easier that way. Don't hurt your precious mind.
Once you've figured out there's no hope,
you'll know you've been betrayed.
 "I'm happy where I am," you'll scream in my face as I utter the truth.
"If happiness is this then I want no part of it. I only believe in what I know"
but, I’m happy.
I have found, that I’m happy.
I’m sorry, I love this sense of instability, it welcomes and embraces me.
 Drifting softly, over vagrant waves.
They devise a plan to break you.
Will you have the strength of mind to save you? Or protect you from a world gone wrong?
 "Save yourself. Let "his" prophecy be revealed. Perfection is the only way," they say.
 Hypocrites deserve nothing more than a thief, a liar, or a saint.
But something good can come from this.
Be free from ill intent you’ll see, you are better than no one else. neither are we.
Track Name: Tagus
Fathers! Where are your sons?
Don’t bother it’s too late for their lost souls
City of Id, cold and apathetic, like cold blood congealing
Fuck the shallow hearts still beating
I hold no grudge against the dead.
There are forests of trees just like you. your pruning means more to you than the fruit that you bare
Erotic or erratic, who gives a fuck? it’s all static to you.
All of the things I stand for are passion and truth,
but these hearts are turning quickly away from a home that embraced and embodied you.
Fuck the fashion. I hate what you’ve done to this scene.
Where’s the passion? It’s been replaced by greed.
Maybe I’m too fucking old, but there’s a story inside that refuses to go untold
And I’ll be damned If I’m told to walk away.
So roll the credits, cut the cord, no one gives a fuck anymore.
I hold my hopes and my dreams in the hearts and minds of the young.
This complacency, just might be, the death of me.
A true artist’s work is never done.
these hearts are turning quickly away from a scene that embraced and embodied you.
The fashion is dead.
We are like windmills, syncopated and repeating. It’s a firm reminder of who I am.
You hypocrite!
Track Name: Deatheater
I fell asleep to the wonder of your words
I’m not afraid of what you bring.
I’m not afraid of where you came from.
But I’m afraid, I’m afraid of death.
A tower! a tower! a man in a tower, looking down.
But god’s children, they cry “NO!”
Don’t calm me, I’m not a child. I don’t need eternity to sleep at night.
I pulled my own rib out, and I stuck that bone in the sand.
When will man realize it’s their own fucking blood on their fucking hands?
A tower, a tower, it’s all that they see, but oceans and earth are what I perceive.
That old time religion isn’t fooling me.
If we can figure it out, we will find, that your happiness is piece of mind.
And what is philanthropy? Is it ‘good works’ done for an afterlife, promised facetiously.
Mankind’s greatest purpose is life itself.
Track Name: Mesopotamia